Living a Pain Free Life is Powerful

My husband is always in pain. I have not been satisfied with the care he has been receiving from his personal physician because I feel not enough attention or concern is being placed on how my husband feels on a daily basis. My husband does not like confrontation of any kind though, and he has just always went along with what the doctor says. Well, I had enough of it. I was tired of seeing him in pain. I know that I don’t have a medical degree, but the chiropractor in San Jose that I was researching does.

I also had something that his regular doctor did not have. While his personal physician did go to medical school, he saw my husband for 15 to 20 minutes twice a year. He does not see the pain that he went through every day, nor does he love him like I do, which is a powerful motivator. That is why I started looking at alternative options, and that is how I found the chiropractor that has completely changed our lives. While only my husband saw him, even my life has improved drastically because of how my husband no feels.

The chiropractor spent a considerable amount of time with him because of the different pain issues he had when we first started going. He also ran some imaging tests, and he developed a treatment plan for my husband. Getting chiropractic adjustments was just part of it. He also had massage therapy and physical therapy too. There was a lot of work involved in getting my husband pain free, but it was all worth it. My husband smiles a lot more now, and he is much more likely to stand up for himself now. He has a new doctor, and he sees his chiropractor on a regular basis too. It’s amazing how living a pain free life can change a person.

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