The Healing Won’t Happen Without Help

At a dance party, my father fell and injured himself. At his age, he’s quite a tough old man, so he continued to dance, ignoring the pain with each step. The next day, he was in so much pain that he could barely walk. For someone like this to be brought down by pain was a little shocking. He never let pain get the best of him, but this time his back was giving him more pain than he could handle. I had no choice to get him to one of the Sacramento chiropractors.

My father isn’t too fond of people in the medical profession, so he was reluctant to even see a chiropractor. He even avoids getting his yearly check up as much as possible. I can understand his position a little, but not by much. When I was a kid, I hated going to the doctor because it would always mean that I would have to get some kind of vaccination. Those painful needles sticking in my arm was enough to make me never want to see a doctor, regardless of whether he gave me a lollipop at the end or not. I grew out of this, and don’t think anything of seeing the doctor or getting shots.

I explained to my father that there was nothing else I could do for him, and the over the counter pain medication that he was using wouldn’t be enough to deal with the pain. He realized that the chiropractor was his only hope, so he sucked up his fears and I took him to the chiropractor. The chiropractor examined my father and told him that it was a good thing that we came in, because my father had a fracture in one of the bones in his back that needed to be treated immediately.

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