Spinal Benefits Of Yoga

 The Spinal Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has been around for thousands of years and has helped countless people with their problems, physical and mental alike. You may have other exercises for toning your arms, abs, or legs, but yoga is the discipline you'll need to study if you want a stronger spine.

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With the three components of yoga, posture, breathing, and meditation, having a stronger spine is not an impossible feat. If you have been plagued with back pains, from your neck to the lower areas, for a long time, getting into yoga will benefit you greatly. Here are the many ways that yoga can help your spine:

1. Strength - When doing yoga, you will be holding positions from 10 to 60 seconds. This is done while you're doing deep breathing. These positions are not painful,, but they will require you to concentrate hard and to be very aware of your muscles. As a result, your muscles become better conditioned. With your muscles working properly, your spine becomes stronger, and your back pains will dramatically decrease.

2. Relaxation - Your spine improves greatly through the process of stretching and relaxation in yoga. When you hold a certain position, you stretch and flex certain muscles. These lead to a body that is better relaxed and more flexible. If you have back pains, you will find that stretching your hamstrings and expanding your pelvis will help lower the stress in your lower back. Further, stretching will help your blood to flow more freely, resulting in a spine in great condition.

3. Balance - The many poses of yoga help promote balance not only in your mental state, but in your physical being as well. With yoga, you will have properly aligned head, shoulders, and pelvis. In time, your posture will improve. You will no longer feel the pains often associated with terrible posture. You will walk taller and be better connected with your body.

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